Supportive and nurturing communities

The responsibilities of the Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA) of Alberta includes:
  • Assessing needs, setting priorities, planning, allocating resources, and managing the provision of services to children, families and other community members in the region
  • Ensuring that children and families have reasonable access to quality services
  • Ensuring that provincial policies and standards are followed in the region
  • Monitoring and assessing the provision of child and family services
  • Working with other CFSAs, public and private bodies, and government to coordinate services for children and families.

Regional News

Last updated: Nov 05, 2014 03:01

Last updated: Nov 05, 2014 03:01

High River Office Update

The Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority is working closely with regional staff and local service providers to ensure the safety of Albertans in affected communities and continuity of service delivery.

Albertans can continue to reach offices and seek support through the phone numbers they are most familiar with. Phone lines have been redirected to ensure continued support and staff are maintaining services through alternate methods of communication with clients and their families.

For anyone needing assistance through the High River office, please call 403-652-8360 or toll free at 403-297-2995.